Add block for a column

Until now we have added blank columns for our new menu. Next, let's fill different contents into your menu. 

Each content will be contained in a block. Mega Menu Pro allows you to add 8 types of block into your mega menu.

Click “Add block” button under each column to add new block.

There are 8 block types for your choice:

  • Text/Html
  • Image
  • Collections
  • Pages
  • Blog
  • Blog posts
  • Products
  • Contact form

1. Text/HTML

By using this block type, you can add a text paragraph using HTML tag, add a video or Google map using iframe.

  • How to get video iframe code from YouTube: Click on “Share” button below each video > Select “Embed” > Copy the iframe code.

  • How to get iframe code from Google map: Click on “Share” button > Open “Embed a map” tab > Copy iframe code


2. Image

Image block type allows you to display any image on your mega menu.  


3. Collections

Collections block type allows you to display collection list on your mega menu.  


4. Pages

Pages block type allows you to display a list of CMS pages on your mega menu.


5. Blog

Blog block type allows you to display a list of blog categories on your mega menu.


6. Blog posts

Blog post block type allows you to display blog posts on your mega menu.


7. Product

Product block type allows you to display products on your mega menu.

If you select one of the featured product type (new, popular, special, best sellers), Mega Menu Pro will automatically get the items belong to these categories and display them. For “Specific products”, you can search for a product by entering its ID or name.

In addition, you can add a countdown clock onto mega menu to promote your sale events or product discount time. To add a countdown clock, select "Text/HTML" block type and enable the "Show countdown clock" option.


8. Contact form

You can add a contact form directly onto the menu and help your viewers to contact your store with ease.


Drag and drop to sort block order

You can drag and drop any block to your preferred position.