Add new horizontal menu

Mega Menu Pro enables you to build both horizontal and vertical mega menu on your online store. 

On this section, we will guide you how to add a new horizontal mega menu into your online store. We have optimized Mega Menu Pro with the user-friendly interface to help you easily create an eye-catching mega menu. 

Step 1: From Mega Menu Pro app configuration page, click on "Add menu" button

Step 2: On "Add new menu" pop-up, customize the menu configuration as you preferred.

  • You can attract customer's attention with bubble alert text such as "Hot", "New", "Sale", etc. You can customize text content, background color and text color of alert bubble.

  • Sub menu alignment and sub menu width:

You can choose between 3 values of alignment: auto, left and right. When you select “auto”, the sub menu will start from left to right.

  • Mega Menu PRO also allows you to upload a background image and select suitable position for this background image.

When you are ready, check on "Enable menu" option then click "Add menu" to save your configuration.