Add new vertical menu

Mega Menu Pro enables you to build both horizontal and vertical mega menu on your online store. 

On this section, we will guide you how to add a new vertical mega menu and its elements into your online store.  

Step 1: From Mega Menu Pro app configuration page, click on "Add menu" button

Step 2: On "Add new menu" pop-up, customize the menu configuration as you preferred.

By enable “Remove border”, it will remove all borders (top, bottom, left, right) of the vertical menu. This option is useful when you have background for vertical menu item so you don’t need border anymore. If you don’t use background, just set the option as disabled then your vertical menu item will have borders as the same other menu items.

  • Similar to horizontal menu, you can select menu link type and upload a menu icon.

  • You can also choose sub menu alignment, set up sub menu width, add bubble alert text, etc. just like horizontal menu configuration.

When you are ready, check on "Enable menu" option then click "Add menu" to save your configuration. 


Add new tab for vertical menu

For vertical menu, we need to add tabs before creating column for menu item. To add a new tab, click on "Add tab" button below your vertical menu.

On the "Add tab" pop-up, customize the new tab configuration as you preferred.

  • Display tab content from top:

Click "Add tab" button to finish adding a new tab.


Add column for a tab

Similar to add a column into a horizontal menu, you also need to click on "Add column" button. 

To read more details about adding column into your tab, please click here.


Add block into a column

Similar to add a block into a column of horizontal menu, you also need to click on "Add block" button. 

To read more details about adding block into your column, please click here.